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There are two kinds of people in an automobile scene, people who are selling used car and people to look to buy used car. Most of the time both people who are looking to buy and looking to sell a car do not get the right platform to perform their deed.

The people who are looking to sell the car are afraid to go to dealers just because they fear the dealer might buy their car for low price, whereas the buyer who is looking for an old is hesitant to go to a dealer to buy the car because he is afraid that the dealer might price the car exorbitantly. To solve these problems a new platform has emerged, yes an online portal both the buyer and seller can interact directly. This platform is called auto classifieds.

An online auto classified is a place where the seller can sell his car by uploading the details of the car whereas the buyer can search for his taste of car without the interference of the dealer. One such online marketplace is Dealer Demon. Here you get the facility of uploading your car images and then you also have facility to list your car in social networking website. You can visit this URL for more information.

Say, if you are going to a dealer for selling your used car, there is a good chance that the dealer might quote you a below average price in the pretext of saying that he needs to work on minor repairs on the car. But what he does is he cleans and polishes the car and sells it to people who are looking to used car

for a high price. But when you post your car details in auto classifieds the buyer and seller deal directly and this makes sure that the deal is made in right price.

In fact the process of selling your car through a used car classified has become very simple and you can know the process by visiting this website